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those big round eyes

Day 1
Breakfast: Asparagus Frittata
Lunch: Chicken in wine with tarragon pepper cream
Dinner: Oriental fish with pineapple banana salsa
Snacks: Banana and mixed nuts

It’s hereeeee

It’s hereeeee

"that we vowed not to give up"

Kwitter for 19 days! Truly ze breakfast of champions

in my head i always wanted to be a social activist


Bacon cheeseburger supreme stuffed pan pizza craving satisfied :)
Hope thisll make me feel better hayyyy hate being sick

Poetry & Prose Patisserie

Canon BIS Company Outing @ Bakasyunan, Tanay

my favorite yoga :)

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s 50-30-20 Rule Could be the Answer to Your Empty Savings Account

hahaha love these ecards hahaha

hahaha love these ecards hahaha